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04.08.2009 08:11
Good old study days Zitat · antworten

Na dann wollen wir mal :) Wie angekündigt hier eine englische Bondage story von mir, in der auch ein paar Glanzsachen vorkommen. Mein Englisch ist nicht perfekt, das weiss ich :)
Zum Hintergrund: ich habe diese Story nicht am Stück sondern immer in Teilen geschrieben und werde versuchen, dieses durch einzelne Postings darzustellen.

I met two girls at a campus party there, Angela and Jasmine. They were friends already, and we had a couple of drinks together, talking about the inevitable small talk ("which music do you like" and so on.).
Just to give you a picture of us: I was 23 back then, 6'3'', blonde, solidly built. I wore plain and simple jeans and shirt that evening. Angela was Blonde too, with long hair, lovely brown eyes, about 5'11' and a nice built. She was dressed in black skirt and nylons, a white top and a mint green jacket. I got to know later she was 21 back then. Jasmine was slightly smaller at 5'9'', brown hair of medium length, brown eyes, 20 years and a slim build. She was wearing a long almost white skirt, with a blue blouse. Angela seemed to be the more extrovert of the 2, Jasmine seemed a little shy.

Anyway, back to the story.

Angela and I got along very well and danced a little, while Jasmine seemed to be unable to find a dancing partner that night (note to students: always go to the parties from study topics with far more women.. its guaranteed fun, and the choices are much better).
After the dance (I was already very positively interested in Angela then) we sat back on our table (which was in the darker back area) were Jasmine was still sitting. Small talk continued, while I was thinking of ways to get in a more.. private... situation with my new love interest. Finally, Jasmine went to the bathroom. If you know girls, you know if they go to the bathroom, you have some time before she gets back- so I boldly decided to make my move (I already had very sweet images of her tied up in my mind then).
I leaned a little closer to her...the way she acted (crossing her legs towards me, playing with her hair etc.) I could tell she was not disinterested in me either.

"I wish we could go somewhere else..this party is starting to get boring" I told her.
She looked at me with a smile. "Agreed, this is not much fun anymore. But I don't want to move now. First, I promised Jasmine not to let her alone here...and second, I want to play a little game"
"What game?" I asked.
"I call it 'Honesty'" she replied. "We take turns, and tell each other a secret. And it’s forbidden to laugh".
"Ok, but who starts it?"
"We just flip coins".
I agreed, and so we did- she lost.

"Well then" she started "I will tell you about a little secret. You look to me like a guy who will understand. I had a boyfriend who really enjoyed tying me up. He did it in almost all imaginable ways..."
Well you can imagine how I felt. I don't know if she saw ... well the bondage equivalent of dollar signs in my eyes, but I just had to interrupt her then and ask the question "And did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, absolutely" she replied. "It is great fun...and I am sure every boy would enjoy their girl tied up, and being in charge."
The way she looked at me, I realized she was flirting heavily with me and trying to get me to like tying if it needed that.
"Ok, your turn" she said, grinningly.
Well, now I was trapped... a simple "uh, I like tying girls very much, what a coincidence" would have come off pretty lame I guess, so I tried fanatically to find something cool to say. An idea came across my mind...

"Look at this" I said while pulling out my keys.. which happened to have one key from my set of handcuffs on them. I never really thought about it back then, but found it may be useful to have that key one day. Guess I was right! "Do you know what this is.. and what that means?"

By the smile she gave me, she knew. She knew very well...
"Looks like we should have some fun together" she whispered in my ear.
I nodded...

"Its my turn then again" she said. "There is one more secret I want to tell you." "Go ahead" I replied.
"My friend Jasmine- in fact she is my roommate- is into bondage too...we talked about it some weeks ago. However, she has no practical experience yet, and would most likely never admit it in front of another person than me. I would really like it if *somebody*" looking at me "could give her the experience of being tied up, with me being there so she knows a friend is standing by. So what do you think?"

I took my time... almost half a second :-) ... before my reply.

"That sounds good to me, if she really is into it. See, I don't want to force anyone into anything they are not wanting."
"If you would think differently, I would not have made that offer to you. But lets talk about something harmless...she is coming back". Looking in the bath's direction, I saw what Angela mentioned, a freshed-up Jasmine coming back to us. She must have seen us sitting much more closely together now, and asked "Looks like you both seem to be enjoying each other, shall I leave you alone?" "No, come here to us again" I replied. "We were just talking about the exams this year" Angela told her "What do you think about them?".

We had an interesting conversation about this topic then.. well interesting for students, not for TUGgers, so I will leave it out here ;-)

-to be continued-

Back to that day at that party then...

As you can imagine, I was rather thrilled with the possibilities that opened before my eyes. Two nice girls- very different, but both cute- and I would perhaps get to tie them up both. Fortuna was surely with me!
Anyway, the inevitable happened- the girls had to get to the bath again. By the way, did you guys ever wonder why they *always* have to go to the bath at least thrice as often as any male? I never found out...well this time both went away, so I had some time to catch my breath and think.
Sadly, I had no bondage gear with me this time; everything was stashed neat at my home. So going into action right now (well in fact after leaving the party) was no option.
I could of course take my car, drive there, get the stuff and come back.. but I had my doubts that the girls would still be here then.
While I was contemplating, Angela came back first.

She came to me fastly and said:
"Would you like to get into action today?"
Well what could I answer to that... off course "off course!".

"Do you have any stuff with you?" She asked
"Sadly not" I replied. "I have plenty of ropes and stuff at my home, but that’s some minutes away with my car."

She took some time thinking..

"Ok, please listen up. I had a talk with Jas' at the bath, and told her you are a guy who likes bondage as we do. I think she’s hot to try now..."
"Hmm, why don't we both kidnap her then, in play of course?" I interrupted her.
"Great idea" she replied "But I don't have any Bondage gear with me either."

An idea crossed my mind...

"We can do it this way: I offer to drive both of you home with my car. I will take a route that takes us in the area of my home. Nearby is a video rental; we could say we want to rent a DVD or two for us three to watch. You will go inside with her, while I will find an excuse to stay away for some minutes.. and fetch a bag full of ropes. We can drive on then, and kidnap her in a quiet place."
"Sounds good to me... and she will love it" Angela replied. "Hmm but where to take her then?"
"Sadly, my home is out of choice for that, there is no way to get someone in there unseen and unheard".
"Same with our room" she replied...."But uncle has a small weekend house near the sea, which is pretty isolated. And of which I happen to have a key. He’s in holidays in Spain now, so we can have it just for us".
"Perfect. Lets do it that way."

At this moment Jasmine came back. After her talk with Angela, and seeing us both sitting here and trying not to look like two persons planning something suspicious, she must have had a guess of what might be going on.. but she didn't show it.

"Good you are back" Angela said "He offered to drive us home, so we wouldn't have to take the bus. Are you ready to leave, or do you want to stay a while longer?"
"We can leave" she replied, "this party doesn't suit me very well anyway."
So we left and went to my car, an old but still functional station wagon. Hey, I was a student back then, not Rockefeller!

Jasmine took a rear seat, Angela sat beside me. We did some small talk while driving, and I almost forgot to look for the video store.. gladly Angela didn't (ok I admit, I might have been a little distracted by the sight of the two beautiful girls..).

"Hey cool, lets get a DVD or two, so we can chill out a little before the evening is over." she said.

"Yes, good idea" Jasmine added, "Have you seen the newest Woody Allen yet? Critics were great!". "I am not that much into Allen movies" Angela replied. "I would rather like the latest Tom Cruise flick". Both turned to me, hoping perhaps that I would decide. "Why don't you both go in and sort that out between yourselves" I asked. "I trust you two to get the right movies. Besides, I need to go to the gas station over there anyway and fill up" a blatant lie if there ever was one.. my cars tank was almost full. But I couldn't let that opportunity pass. "I will pick you up when you are done then".

Both agreed, and while kissing Angela goodbye I whispered in her ear "give me 10 minutes". She nodded, and they both entered the store.

I drove to my home then. I'll spare you with details, and just tell you the interesting things.. what I got from there. I took my sports bag, and filled it up with lots of white cotton rope (the nice and soft one, I didn't want to scare them away), threw some bandanas in for blindfolding and gagging, and of course the inevitable duct tape. (Besides, did you know duct tape is like the force? It has a dark side, it has a light side.. and it holds the universe together). Almost as an afterthought, I threw in a pair of handcuffs (perhaps, after Angela had already seen the key, she might want to test them...) and put them at the bottom of the bag, where they wouldn't be found immediately.

I finally made it back to there store, and a couple of minutes later the girls came out, with some DVDs with them.

"We got both movies" Jasmine said, smiling. "So we can choose later on which one to watch."
"Lets move then" I said.
"All girls in the rear this time!" Angela commanded jokingly and entered the rear of the car. Jasmine followed.
We drove for some minutes, when I finally spotted an empty parking lot. It was pretty secluded; no one could see us in there.. so I took my chance and entered it.
"Ehm, why are we driving here?" Jasmine wanted to know.

Angela surely hadn't lied about her experience with TUGs; she knew what to do. She grabbed Jasmine, pinned her arms to her body, and hand gagged her before I even exited the car. Jas' looked quite surprised, but didn't defend herself too much either...As I came to them with my bag full of fun, Angela whispered to Jasmine "Do you want us to go ahead? It is ok if you don't want, we can have a fun evening anyway". I held my breath... but Jasmine nodded. I would surely have fun this evening I realized.

Together Angela and I wrestled Jasmine down, so she ended up on the rear bench of my car on her belly. Angela was still keeping her mouth hand gagged, despite Jasmine now starting to defend herself a little, going along with the sweet "HMMMPF"s and "Lmm mmmm hmmoooo" we all love to hear so much.
I took some rope, and tied her hands behind her back together tightly. Not a hard task, considering Angela and I were both holding her down, and she being the lightest one of us three.
After that I took a bandana and some tape. Angela realized what I was up to, and released the hand gag. "You won't dare to HMhmmpf" was Jasmine's reply, while I shoved the bandana into her mouth. I secured it with several straps of tape over her mouth, so there was no hope for her to spit it out, while Angela still held her down to prevent her escaping, despite her struggling.
I guess we were a pretty good kidnap team already :-)

After I securely gagged her that way, Angela and I both took some rope. While she tied Jasmine's feet and then her legs, below and above the knees (messing with her long skirt in the process, but nothing a good ironing wouldn't put right again), I took care of her upper body.
At first I took her elbows, and put them together as close as I could. I knew she was slim, but I was rather positively surprised that they went all the way together without much trouble.
Naturally, I couldn't let that opportunity pass, and tied them together that way.

Jasmine led out some hmmpfs and more gag talk, but when I looked at her askingly, nodded that everything was ok and she was just enjoying herself.

She was already completely helpless now, but I had more in my mind, so we sat her up, and I tied ropes around her upper body, above and below the breast. Finally I pinned her already tightly tied arms to her body with some ropes around the waist.

"A very nice package" Angela said, looking at our 'victim', which was still struggling and hhmmmpfing a little, but with no effect.
"There is no way you can get away from us now...but I don't want you to see where we take you either". She pulled out another bandana out of my bag, and despite Jasmines muted protest, blindfolded her. "Nod if everything is still ok" she whispered in her ear. Jasmine nodded...I guess she had lots of fun already.

We took a long look at our sweet victim, her clothing a little messed by the rough handling, but otherwise allright and obviously enjoying her role this evening, struggling against her tight bounds and hmmmpfing into her gag. Looked like she was no girl which easily submits to a bondage, but instead fights on.

"Let's get ready to move then" I said, lowering Jasmine gently to the floor beneath the rear car bench, so she can lay (comparatively) comfortable without any risk of falling down... or being seen from the outside of the car.
We entered the car now, both in the front seats. "I will show you the way to our hideout" Angela said, full in role with her 'kidnaper' persona, "so we can keep our little princess there a while." Which was followed by a loud protesting "Hmmmmmpppfff!" from behind.

After Angela and I kissed each other I started the engine, and began to drive. We smiled at each other, enjoying how we secured Jasmine so well...
however I still had more plans, and if I judged Angela’s sparkle in the eyes correctly, she knew perfectly well too that Jasmine won't be the only girl in a strict tie-up this evening....

-to be continued-

"Leiden Sie an perversen Fantasien?"
"Leiden? Ich geniesse sie!"

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04.08.2009 08:11
#2 RE: Good old study days Zitat · antworten

Time to go ahead with the telling of my story...

I drove onto the highway, following the instructions Angela gave me to find her uncles weekend house. Jasmine still laid in front of the cars rear bench, securely tied up, gagged and blindfolded. It seemed as if she accepted she wouldn’t get out of that bondage by her own, as she ceased struggling, and only sometimes let out a muffled word or two. Or perhaps she just waited for her turn...after all, what could she do to get free, when tied up in a car with two kidnappers? ;-)

It was pretty dark already, so I guess no one had a chance to see what we carried in our car.
After about an hour, we reached the aforementioned house. It was completely dark (no wonder, since no one was there). It was surrounded by a high hedge, and had a large parcel along with it. I happily realized that there were no other houses in the immediate area. A small road was leading up to the house- which I took. We stopped right in front of the house.

"Let me check if it is really empty" Angela said, fetching the keys from her handbag. I nodded. She entered the house, and I saw some lights coming on. I took a look again at our sweet tied victim (As I had to drive before, I hadn't looked as much at her on the way here as I had wished). She still looked great: a little messed up, lying there, securely bound, gagged and blindfolded.

"Your Ok, Jasmine?" I asked.
"Hmmmes" she nodded.
"We could untie you if you want, or if you need a break. Do you want to continue?"
"Hmmmmemes MMm wuuant" she nodded again. "Hmhrt iHhmp ah Hmhmmmm Hmmmit"

Now the second part didn't make any sense for me...I guess sometimes it’s a disadvantage to have your damsels gagged. Well, not really.

"We will talk later, sweet princess" I told her, picking up Angela’s nickname for her in the process. Jasmine let out an angry "HRMMM HHHRRRMMMPPF!" and to be honest, I still think today it was good for me -and for her too- that whatever she said was not understandable at all. Bless the gags!

Meanwhile, Angela came back to my car. "It's all clear" she said. "No one is in our we can keep our princess here for a while. We just need to make sure she can't get away from us." She obviously liked to play the part of Jasmine's kidnapress (wonder if that’s a real word in English...).

As I exited the car, Angela got close to me and kissed me, very demandingly. "Just don't forget I might want a little treatment too, bad guy" she whispered in my ear.
"Surely not" I whispered back "I wanted to tie you up since I first saw you. However we need to take care about Jasmine a bit first; she’s been tied up pretty tight for over an hour now, maybe she needs a little relaxation. But don't worry, I will take care of you soon enough."
"Just surprise me if you think its fitting" Angela said. "I enjoy being bossy with Jasmine, but I long to be your sweet bound victim much more". We smiled at each other.

I raised my voice back to normal. "Time to get our victim into our hideout then" I said. "Lead the way, while I take care of her".

I opened the cars rear left door, and helped Jasmine to sit up on the rear bench. After letting her catch some breath, I picked her up (she really was very slender, and didn't weight that I was heavily motivated) and put her over my right shoulder. She moaned a little, and tried to struggle, but there was nothing she could do in her tight restraints.
I carried her over into the house, while Angela was smart enough to pick up our bag with toys...and then opened the house's doors for us.
We went to the living room, where I softly dumped Jasmine on the couch.
Angela rubbed her arms a little. "It's cold in here" she said. "I'll take a look if I can start the heating." "Just take care to come back soon" I replied.

I switched my attention back over to Jasmine. I removed her blindfold. Although the light was dimmed in here, she had been in complete darkness for more than the last hour, so she blinked as her eyes slowly adapted to the light again.

"Ok little princess" I told her. "I will ungag you, if you promise you will be quiet, and don't do anything stupid." She nodded, and I took of the straps of tape covering her face, and removed the bandana from her mouth, which was now soaked through and through. "Ouch, that zipped!" were her first words once ungagged.
"Such things happen" I replied. "We had to gag you to make sure you cannot scream for help, or do other stupid things. Anyway, do you feel all right Jasmine? After all, you've been tied tightly for a while now, and Angela told me earlier this is your first time..."

"Don't worry" she said "I am all right, although you tied my arms pretty tight. It has been a great experience so far. Angela doesn't know, but I tried selfbondage on several occasions before, although it never came close to this.. actually being helpless, and tied up perfectly, completely at your both's mercy."

Angela entered the room- she must have heard the last couple of sentences. "Uhm, selfbondage? And I thought I'd knew you." Jasmine's face turned a shade of red.

"Anyway, I found the heater controls, this place should be warm and comfortable soon enough." she said. "As I see, you are already taking care of our little princess." She sat down beside me. "How's it been, Jas'?" she asked
Jasmine smiled "As I told him already, better than I ever dreamed of. If you two like, you can keep me tied up -I surely want more of it."

That sentence surely was a "BINGO" for my TUG-orientated mind.

"Told you" Angela replied, "you would like it. And its far better than any selfbondage can be...especially with such a handsome kidnapper". That girl surely could flirt!
"But I wouldn't mind if you could loosen the binds around my arms a little" Jasmine continued "they are pretty heavy stuff, with the elbows together and such."
I had a plan already then...and it surely didn't involve untying Jasmine. "Sure we can, just hold on a minute or two" I told her, "there are some little things I need to take care of first".
"Ok," she replied, "I think I can take some more minutes of this strict tie-up. As if I have a choice anyway..."

"Good Angela darling, I have a little surprise for you...close your eyes please."
Angela complied with that wish, and I got our toy bag. I searched for the handcuffs, and finally found them at the bottom, below tons of rope. Next time, I will put them somewhere where I can get them faster, I promised myself.

Jasmine of course saw what I was up to, and smiled an evil smile...content that her captress would get a treatment now too. I put my finger across my lips to signal her not to spoil the surprise, and she nodded in agreement.

I got behind sweet Angela then, grabbed her arms, and turned them on her back. "Ouch!" she yelled, obviously more in surprise than in pain though. The handcuffs locked on her hands, with this sweet "click click click" sound handcuffs make, before she could react any further.
"Hey, this is unfair." she complained. "What is this about now?" "Oh, I just thought I could get a ransom for both of you" I replied, fully back in my kidnaper roleplay. I fetched two bandanas from the bag "And I think it is time for me to shut your sweet little mouth up." "No you won't" Angela replied in played anger "there is no way you willhmmff hmmmmrrff".

Gags are a great way to end annoying arguments, aren't they?

As you may have guessed, I had put one bandana into her mouth while she was complaining.
After that I took the second one, tied a knot in its middle, and tied it over here mouth as cleave gag, so she couldn't spit the one in her mouth out.
"Better" I said "and now for making you completely helpless."
"HRRROMPPF MMMMF!" (Not a hard guess who said that, eh?)

I grabbed her, laid her gently down on the floor and turned her onto her belly. After fetching some ropes, I sat down on her...lets just say lower she couldn't get up again, and started to tie her legs. I did it the same way she tied Jasmine's earlier; the feet tied together, and the legs tied together above and below the knees.
As her skirt was considerable shorter than Jasmine's, I didn't mess with her clothing then. Hey, I am an orderly person! :-)
While tying her, I heard some barely suppressed laughter coming from Jasmine; obviously she enjoyed seeing Angela now facing the same perils she did before.
"HMHmou HMHmbiSCHH!" Angela shouted.."WHMHmait Pfillg mmmapfer". Looked like Angela was not too happy about Jas' behavior, and wanted to take revenge sometime. Well, fine for me I though.

After I had finished with Angela’s legs, she was already pretty helpless and immobile, and I admit I liked the look of the cotton ropes on her nylon stockings very much...but I wouldn't be myself if I were finished now, so I got myself more ropes.

I took her elbows then, and tested how close they would come together. Angela protested with an "HMMhmmmmpf" but that of course didn't stop me.
They got together pretty close, although not as close as Jasmine's before. No surprise here, as she was not as thin as Jasmine (although everything was beautifully placed across her body at the right locations...she was a very beautiful girl). So I tied her elbows together with perhaps one hand of air between them.

"I guess we don't need these anymore then" I told her, while unlocking the handcuffs "I prefer you tied up with rope much more." Said it, done it: I tied her hands together tightly on her back. With her elbows already tied, there was nothing she could do to defend herself anyway.
"Hmmmmmmppfff!" she said, as a compliment to my bondage skills (at least that’s my interpretation).

"Oh I am not done yet, sweetheart" I told her. She looked at me, I love the sight of a damsels eyes looking scared at me above their gag...
"WHmmmpf?" she asked
Let actions speak I thought.. so I took another rope, and turned her bondage into a neat little hogtie, by connecting the bounds on her feet to her hand and elbow ties...and then pull as strong as I could (within reason of course; I wanted her helpless, not hurt). Her hands almost touched her feet, as I tied the final knot, which sealed her complete helplessness.

She did a lot of gag talk, and tried to wind out of these bounds, with no success though. Well with one success- it looked really nice, and I liked it a lot (Thinking of it, perhaps she struggled a little more than necessary to turn me on).

"No chance" I told her "You will stay in that place unless I decide to untie you or to take you somewhere else." Leaning closer to her, whispering, "You look great everything all right?" She nodded, and I could see that sparkle in her eyes...which told she was very fond of what happened.. and fond of me too.
"Ok, back to our princess then" turning my attention back to Jasmine. "What your gonna do to me?" she asked in a slight voice, full in her victim persona. "I'll just make things a little easier for you" I told her. "Keep quiet and be obedient, and everything will be all right." "Yes, sir, I will make you no troubles" she replied. Looks like her will to fight back was dimished by the long time she had been tied up already.

I untied her elbows, and rearranged her upper body bounds, so she could relax her arms a little bit. I didn't untie her hands though- they would stay tied up behind her back for some more time I decided.
She led out a sigh of relief "Thank you, sir, that's better". "Well, one thing is still missing" I told her while looking at her "I can't take the chance of you trying to scream for help".
She obviously was a fast learner, and held her mouth open, so I fetched two more bandanas, and gagged her in exactly the same way I did with Angela some minutes ago. (which means one in the mouth, the other one tied with a knot in the middle over her mouth as cleave gag; for you readers with bad memory).

I looked at my work- brunette Jasmine sitting on the couch, still tied up pretty sweet blonde Angela (yes- at that time both of us knew already she was, and will be, mine) still struggling in her tight hogtie on the floor, her short skirt slipping up a little, revealing she was wearing hold-ups...both girls gagged, and completely helpless.
I realized then, I am a very lucky man. Two sexy girls, both keen to be tied up, and both were completely at my mercy now.

"I will look around the house a little..." I said and smiled "don't run away while I'm off"
Both girls "Hrrrrmmmmmppff"ed at that comment. A sweet sound... double gag talk. I decided that I would have more of that in the future.
With a final glance at the sweet scene I left the room, to look for more opportunities...

DISCLAIMER: If you have read this far, you are seemingly really interested in that story. I hope you excuse my rather long style of writing...well thinking about it, if you wouldn't, you wouldn't be here with me anymore to read that disclaimer anyway.

-to be continued-

"Leiden Sie an perversen Fantasien?"
"Leiden? Ich geniesse sie!"

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04.08.2009 08:11
#3 RE: Good old study days Zitat · antworten

f you’re still with me I will continue my story now...

I knew the girls were securely tied up, so there was no need to hurry with my inspection of the house. They would still be there when I would come back.

To give you an impression about the location I will sum it up a little. First the ground floor:
You were already introduced to the living room...besides the couch, it held two tables, some chairs and a fireplace, which would surely make that room a warm and comfortable place during these cold nights, which sometime happen near the sea. Back then, it of course also contained two lovely damsels all tied up and gagged. Surely my favorite piece of furniture!

The kitchen was a rather plain contained a stove, an oven, a microwave oven and the usual kitchen cabinets, and also a kitchen table and some more chairs.

The bath was located nexgt to the kitchen. It was a little cramped, and contained a toilet, a shower with glass doors, a mirror and a couple of small cabinets.

Right after the main door was a little hall, which contained a chair and a small table with a telephone on it. A small wardrobe was cramped into one corner. There was a hatch in the ceiling, obviously for accessing the attic. A ladder was leading down into the storage cellar.

The final room on that floor was the Bedroom. It contained (of course) a bed, a nice four-poster bed, which looked rather solid. A big closet was standing near the bed. A mirror and a small table made for a personal make-up space.

I took a look at the cellar then. It was rather unspectacular- just one big room, cramped with shelves and some old cabinets. It obviously contained stuff stored there over many years, and was a rather dusty affair in some parts. It doubled as food storage, with a fridge and some more durable foodstuff stored in shelves. A washing machine was standing in one corner. There seemed to be nothing of interest, so I decided to let it be.

Finally the attic..I opened the hatch, which contained a fold-down ladder. It was one big room too- but not nearly as cramped as the cellar. It contained a small motorboat - which made me wonder, as there was no way that boat would fit through the hatch. Then I realized the attic had a large door to the seaside. I got curious, and opened it a little to take a look. The ground was some meters below me. Looking up, I saw a pulley mounted at the house- which explained, how the boat got in and out there. The attic had some wooden bars (straight upright ones, and vertical ones below the roof). A thought crossed my mind... this would surely make a great bondage playground.

Time to go outdoors...but not before I went to the living room again to check out my victims. Entering the room, I was greeted with a "Hmhmhrrrpff" coming from both gagged girls. Sweet! Jasmine had laid down on the couch, obviously to have a little comfort, waiting for things to come. Angela seemed to had crept around a little, as she was now some meters away from where I had put her on the ground. Not a bad performance, considering she was tied in a tight hogtie...the fact that her skirt slipped up further a bit, revealing her bare thigs, and part of her black panties, only made the scene more enjoyable to me.

"Looks like you two are having fun" I remarked. The girls mmmmffed more at me..."I think its time we agree on a safeword. Well, not exactly a word, as you both are gagged...but a sequence of moans, which tells me something is not all right and I need to untie you. Use it when necessary, girls."
Both nodded in agreement.
"I think we will take something akin to the SOS Morse make it simple, we will keep to 3 long and 3 short grunts. That’s ok for you?"
Both nodded again...I waited a moment, but no 'safeword' was grunted, so I concluded they were both still well.

Outdoors could wait some minutes, I decided...and there was no reason I couldn't have a little fun with my victims now.
I went over to Angela, and stroked her cheeks a little. She seemed to enjoy that, as she was letting out a slow, satisfied "hmmmmmm" below her gag.
To go a little further, I started to grope her a bit, letting my hands play on her body. She tried to get away from me, but with no success...first, she obviously didn't really want to get away, she just showed a little token resistance...and well second, after all she still was tied up pretty tight, so she couldn't get away even if she wanted. Which didn't stop her to complain.."hhmmmat amm hmhmou hmheepf" and such useful verbal protests.

Did I mention that I love gags already?

Meanwhile Jasmine was watching us, and I imagined seeing a satisfied smile beneath her cleave gag.
Time runs fast when doing something you enjoy, and I surely enjoyed playing around with Angela must have been at least half an hour, if not more, I lost the feeling for time. If I still wanted to take a look outside, I'd better do it now.

"Well girls, I have to leave you again for some minutes. Don't worry- I will be back soon enough to take further care of you."
Both girls protested with some gag talk, but I decided to ignore that, and went outside the house.

You already visited the front of the parcel with me briefly; a small road lead up to the house, my car now parked in front of it. The parcel was surrounded by an almost 3 meters high hedge at all sides, while assorted trees were standing on the lawn. On the rear side, a small break in the hedge opened with a wooden door in it. Behind that door, a small path was leading through some dunes, straight to the sea. I always loved the sea, so I walked to the beach (just a minute walk, I noticed happily). As my girls were still tied up well as I had left them, I had no doubt they would have some fun in there while I was away, so I took some minutes watching the nightly sea.

Finally I decided to get back in; after all, tied girls are much more fun to watch than the sea. Shortly before I was about to enter the living room, I heard a brief "Hmmmmmpf!". Obviously they have heard me coming into the house again...

-to be continued-

"Leiden Sie an perversen Fantasien?"
"Leiden? Ich geniesse sie!"

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04.08.2009 08:12
#4 RE: Good old study days Zitat · antworten

As I entered, I saw the scenery had changed from the last time. Jasmine was now lying on the carpet in front of the couch, while Angela had crept all the way to her, and had started to try to loosen her bonds.
The way both turned their heads and glanced at me, trying to look like they had done nothing wrong, told me more than words could do. Everything was still ok (after all, they could have used the 'safeword' if it wasn't); they just tried to use every opportunity to get out of my bounds.

Jasmine had already gotten out of her upper body bondage; the ropes were lying around her in a mess. Her hands were still tied firmly behind her back though. Looked like I just came back in time!
"Good choice I came back" I told them. "Looks like you were about to do something silly..." Both girls "Hrrrrmpf"ed at me, trying to look inconspicuous all the way.
"Well I thought I should untie you before I came in here. After all, you both were bound pretty long already...but I guess I have to alter my plans."
"Hmmmmmppff!!!" Angela grunted "Hmmmt Mmee hmmoout" Jasmine insisted.

"I will still untie you you can relax a little. Its time for sleep anyway, to be honest it has been a long day for me too, and I am pretty tired. However..." a smile crossed my face "We will go ahead with some nice girl- tie ups tomorrow. Agreed?"

Angela nodded fastly, while Jasmine took a while thinking, and then nodded too.

"Time for a break then" I said "We continue or play later on".

First I untied Jasmine, as she had been tied up longer than Angela this day. Her gag was soaked again, and as she regained control of her hands, she started rubbing her arms, and finally rearranged her clothing a little so she didn't look all messed up anymore. "Thank you" she said. "It was very tight, and quite long...but I know for sure, I want more of that!".
I smiled at her.."Well, I need to take care of Angela now, fetch yourself a drink if you like" I told her, pointing at the soda bottle standing nearby.

While sitting down beside Angela, I said "This opportunity is too good to let it pass" and started groping her a little again. She tried to wind out of my arms, but with no chance. Jasmine was watching us like before... well except that she wasn't tied and gagged now, and she definitely smiled at us.


All good things must come to an end though, and I finally untied and ungagged Angela too. She was a little breathless, but put her arms around me, whispering "Wow, that was great. Your surely a good kidnapper." "Maybe, but looks like I made a mistake by tying you both up like I did and leaving you alone..." I replied. "Well, then you need more practice" she answered jokingly.

We all took a seat at the table now. We were all tired, but it would have felt wrong if we just went to sleep now. So we talked a little about what happened that day.

"A wonderful day!" Angela started, now fully her usual extrovert self. "I admit though I liked kidnapping and tying you" she was looking at Jasmine "I enjoyed being tied and treated by our handsome bad guy more! And I definitely want more of it. Much more."

I am no shameful guy, but perhaps I got a little red. "Angela sweetie, you will have that, I promise." We smiled at each other.

Jasmine looked a little worried though..."I'm a bit ashamed, but I have a little problem." "Tell us about it" Angela replied.

"See..." Jasmine continued "I really really loved being tied up by you both. It was great!" She paused. "And...?" I asked.
"I know you said you will tie us up again tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it, I can't wait for it."
She paused again, sorting her thoughts.
"See, I ain't blind. I see you two will be a couple from now me selfish, but I want to continue playing bondage games with you two even after tomorrow. It just feels so right, like I found my true self...sigh....and I am afraid you won't let me be with you anymore when your doing bondage, and then I will always look at Angela with envy, because she has what I haven't..."

She obviously was very touched, and silence ensued while we all thought about what was just said.

Angela was the first one -again- to find some words "Jas' darling, you are right on some points, but not at every. We will be a couple..."
I loved to hear that. I mean, it was already clear between us two, but it still is good to hear such things
"But we, you and me, will still be best friends if you want. And if my bad guy agrees on it" she was looking at me now "we will still let you take part in our future bondage games. Will we?"

Clearly it was my turn now. "Yes Jasmine, we will keep on playing with you. I like you very much, and you are a real cutie tied up. Besides, I would be silly not to have you around. I mean, two sexy girls, both wanting to be tied up by me...every guy would be jealous!" I smiled at her. "Just one thing though...we are talking about bondage stuff here. Angela will be my girl, and that you will have to accept".

"That’s fine for me" Jasmine replied. "I am longing for more bondage, for nothing else. Really. And if you decide to do something more while I'm around, it’s ok for me too. You can either just tell me to leave - I won't mind- or keep me tied up somewhere else. As you have noticed during this day, I can take quite some time of heavy bondage without any problems. I won't make you any troubles." She paused again a little bit, seemingly gathering some courage.
"Or, you could just keep me around, tied up and today, I liked that. Perhaps I am not only into bondage, but a little voyeuress too."

"Agreed then" Angela replied. "We keep you as our little 'bondage girl' then. And I don't think we will send you away even once." Well what could I say? "Yes."
Jasmine sighed in relief "Thanks you two. I feel much better now. And I will do my best to be a worthy bondage girl for both of you."

We talked a little more, but conversation turned to more harmless topics. I guess we all needed a little time to sort our thoughts about today, and avoided that topic now.
As it was getting really late, and we were tired, we decided to call it a day and get to sleep. As we had no further clothing with us, we would have to sleep in our underwear. Jasmine would sleep on the couch (she offered that immediately) while Angela and I would take the bed.

Angela and I undressed in the Bedroom. She wore black panties (of which I already had a glimpse earlier on...the passionate reader will renmeber) and a black bra, and was quite a cute sight in them. I wore simple boxer shorts (for the readers who actually care about the guy in the story...).
We both sat down on the bed, very tired, yawning. Sleep was catching up on us already...
"Before we call it a night, don't you think we forgot something, my sweetheart?" I asked Angela.
She looked puzzled...seemed like, finally, once she didn't had a clue at all of what I was up to.

I took a long look at her...enjoying her mischief. Finally I pulled out a rope from below the bed, which I stored there earlier on in wise foresight. "You really thought I would let you sleep beside me without at least tying you up a little? With all your tough talk, you are pretty naive on some points, I guess..."
She smiled at me, and without any words kneeled down beside the bed and crossed her wrists behind her back...

and while the camera fades out to an outside view of a dark house, the words


appear on the screen

(Ok, I made this up, in reality no words appeared out of thin air. I just found it to be a cool way to end this story ;-) )

Well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed my story.. and I would really appreciate some feedback on it. Perhaps I will even continue with the next day at some point in the future.


"Leiden Sie an perversen Fantasien?"
"Leiden? Ich geniesse sie!"

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#5 RE: Good old study days Zitat · antworten

So, das isses...ich weiss, nicht gerade interaktiv, aber die Story war nun schonmal fertig soweit. Es gab noch ein paar Fortsetzungen- falls jemand Interesse hat, bescheid sagen.

Grüße vom Fessler

"Leiden Sie an perversen Fantasien?"
"Leiden? Ich geniesse sie!"

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04.08.2009 11:14
#6 RE: Good old study days Zitat · antworten

das macht doch nichts.

so habe iche erstens jetzt mal was schönes zu lesen während ich mich im bett langweile, und zweitens denke ich, dass sich daraus eine mege guter ideen ableiten lassen werden. aber bevor ich mich daran begebe, werde ich erst noch mal mein versprechen brechen, und an der geschichte die peter angefangen hatte, etwas weiter machen. mir war so eine wunderschöne idee gekommen, dass ich einfach nicht anders kann. ich denke mal, das wird hier auf verständniss stoßen.

lg *hust*, nicki

PS: NEIN ich habe nicht die schweinegrippe ! das weiß ich zimlich sicher, da ich 1.) beim doktor war, und 2.) derzeit keinen umgang mit leuten hatte, die das virus in sich tragen...

trotzdem ist das schon doof, wenn die leute einen bogen machen, nur weil man mal niest oder hustet. was ich mir eingefangen habe, ist eine klassische sommergrippe. das wird wohl in ein paar tagen wieder vorbei sein.

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#7 RE: Good old study days Zitat · antworten

Hello, Fessler!

Here's my feedback.

I must confess, first I thought I'm not gonna read this story in one piece after I'd realized its length but once I started reading, I almost instantly got caught in the plot , so I did read your story in one piece!
I really enjoyed it! It's a great story! You're a gifted writer!

I'm begging you! Please enrich Nicki's and my interactive stories with your bondage fantasies!


PS. You're free to write in German of course!

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